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Home Delivered Meals Program

The Orange Senior Center’s Home Delivered Meals (HDM) program has been providing nutritious meals to older adults since 1978.  This program is often referred to as ‘Meals on Wheels’ and helps older adults remain independent in their homes by preparing home-style meals by a local food provider which meets the federal requirements to govern this vital program. This program provides nutritious meals to seniors who are unable to plan, shop or prepare meals for themselves due to a variety of reasons. Home Delivered Meals can provide up to three meals per day, five days a week. A dietician oversees the menu, which is geared for seniors with a lower salt, fat, and sugar content. 

To qualify for the Home Delivered Meals program the client must be aged 60 and older, be a resident of the City of Orange, be homebound, and able to be home when the meals are delivered.  An in-home assessment is also required with an application process.  There is often a wait list for this program.  For those who do not qualify for the Meals program but would like the convenience of meals delivered to their doors, we can provide local resources in the community.

Our volunteer drivers deliver over 36,000 meals a year, Monday through Friday excluding holidays, between 9:30am and Noon.

We are always looking for new drivers and volunteers for our HDM Program.

If you or someone you know is in need of a meal service or would like to volunteer as a driver, please call us at (714) 639-4820 or email at


City Of Orange, Mayor 'Tita' Smith delivers a meal to a senior on the Homebound Meals or Meals on Wheels program along with OSC - Executive Director, Katherine Connaghan.

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